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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 2, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news." >> i looked at the baby and the lady standing there asking me to help to i just tackled the guy and sat on him and called 911. assaulti >> they were at the right place at the right time. the two men who helped catch a man accused of sexually assaulting a child. a two-year-old boy killed on his birthday. why his parents, who were not at home, are now under arrest. they had never experienced it until now. the neighborhood that can finally buy fresh produce. >> what should be in the place of phosphorus was arsenic. we murder it as arsenic. >> what does this all mean? we simplify the science about strange thuy life forms found in california. good evening, i'm dana king, ken bastida is on assignment tonight. they say she was out of their
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sight for 1 minute. relatives of a 2-year-old girl say that is all it took for her to be snatched up and sexually assaulted. tonight the registered sex offender suspected in the attack is behind bars and kiet do shows us two good samaritans and a portfolio officer are being thanked for their quick thinking. kiet. >> reporter: the first man worked as a donation collector for the homeless people. the second moved here the look for a job and together they make an unlikely crime fighting duo. >> this was no help takings, no second guessing -- >> i was a helping hand. >> eugene ramos, a registered sex offender, was sexually assaulting a 2-year-old girl out in the open in one of the aisles of the store. she had walked away from her relatives for no more than 20
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seconds, when he was discovered he pulled up his pants and ran towards the exit. ramos was outside. >> i chased after him about 9 stores, finally caught him, he tried to fight, he gave up a stance, so i gave up a stance also. throwing at him, i popped him in the cheek, he swung back and missed. >> and that's when 55-year-old sammy johnson stepped in. >> at that point i looked at the baby and the lady standing there asking me to help so i just tackled the guy and sat on him and called 911. >> b.a.r.t. officer cory sparks was flagged down and made the arrest. he declined an interview and says a lot of people are saying i did a good job and i appreciate that but the citizens are the heroes, not me. >> the community police gave
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hawkins an award saying he would have gotten away without their help. they stepped in just because they were asked to. >> i was glad to be a part of this take-down really. it was a blessing for me to be there. >> and ramos is now at the santa rita jail in dublin charged with rape and kidnapping and back in 2003 he was convicted of sexually assaulting a 7-year-old in hayward. dana? thank goodness for the good samaritans. kit, thank you very much. well, today he turned 2, and tonight his family is mourning his death. the boy shot in the head this morning inside an apartment in antioch. joe vasquez on why it is still unclear exactly what happened. >> friends and family are remembering little gment io ncarr, where he was killed by one of his parents' handguns. his mom had just bought the weapon and his father, eddie car, loaded it this morning and left it in a drawer in the
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bedroom. the parents were away, he and his 4-year-old brother with his grandmother when shots rang out this morning. >> the children were in the bedroom, the parents bedroom, the grandmother heard the gun shot. the 4-year-old walked out, the grandmother went to the bedroom and found the 2-year-old suffering from a gunshot wound. >> he was rushed to the hospital where he died. they are still not sure which would i pulled the trigger. when the parents arrived home police arrested them for suspicion of child endangerment and reckless storage of a fire arm. >> me was a happy baby. >> he was born 2 years ago today. la quinn data proudly advertised his birth to relatives on myspace. la quinn data's brother had a brief conversation with her earlier today. >> umm, she wasn't doin' good. it wasn't good. it is hard to deal with something like this. nephew is, you know, being a
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kid and all and you don't things like this to happen. >> this is something that no parent or family wants to go through. anyone who has a weapon in their house, a handgun, they immediate to make sure that has a trigger lock on it, without a trigger lock it needs to be put in a safe away out of reach of kids. >> reporter: both parents are still in jail but the father faces an additional charge, the father is a felon, he has finished his sentence but he is still not allowed to have a weapon. in oakland a man who went to police to report a shooting ended up under arrest in connection with more than 30 armed robberies. walter sales told police somebody shot ate him or he wasn't hit. an officer noticed he matched the suspect description in a recent robbery. he ultimately confessed to robbing several spots including gas takings stations and convenience stores in east and west oakland. where is your nearest
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grocery store? if it's less than 2 miles away you have a leg up on one bay area neighborhood until now. robert liles introduces us to the man behind the store that people have been waiting decades to have. >> reporter: it's said an apple a day will keep the doctor away. but that's a joke to joanne stamp who says this part of west oakland is living on life support because it's nearly impossible to buy fresh fruit here. >> you have to go a long way to get to a grocery store. >> reporter: how far would you travel? >> about 2 miles. >> reporter: past store fronts that once beck andre business but now are blighted and boarded. so the only thing that grows in this blight -- >> liquor stores. >> but the barren ground turned fertile two weeks ago. that's when ed hamid opened pro do free. where is last store closed two decades ago. >> the last place was here in
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the 50s. >> safe way has been here in the oohs, there's been no store, no grocery store since? >> that's correct. and the community is much bigger and growing but no store. >> reporter: eric mccreary has spent all 19 years of life just blocked from produce pro and says he has never experienced fresh food in the neighborhood. >> this is a good idea. they should have, i felt that they should have done something like this, there's like liquor stores on almost every corner. >> reporter: it's much more than fresh food, it's affordable food. deals are cut directly with growers in the central valley. >> as a result, cut the middleman, and be able to give the discounts to the community. >> i'm thinking it's way better than anything you see in a corner store, you know, not the rotten bananas and the several- month-old potatoes. >> reporter: the movie line says "if you little it they will come" so produce pro expects to open a mate and deli counter in two months. but it's more than building new
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business for ed hamid. >> i'm buying grapes, apples and bananas. >> he knows each piece of fruit is building a healthier life in a neighborhood dying on the vine. robert liles. cbs5. tonight 5 people are accused of running a meth lab in an upscale san francisco neighborhood. they found it inside a flat in the laurel heights neighborhood yesterday afternoon. they discovered dangerous chemicals and paraphernalia used to make meth. they say the material could have exploded at any time. the heat is back on in classrooms in the oakland unified school district. students had to bundle up in cold classrooms this week. the district shut off the heat for the thanksgiving holiday weekend to save money but on monday there were problems restarting the equipment. older systems has broken parts or blown compress oars. everything now is fixed. the middle school was without heat the longest.
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ribbon cutting in a project designed to revitalize an east bay community. it will be a pedestrian friendly eco friendly transportation huh hub at what is now the b.a.r.t. station. a community where people can live, shop and get out of their cars. the plan is for b.a.r.t., ac transit and future rail lines to connect there. when all is said and done there will be 4,000i units and 7,000 jobs within a half a mile. pg&e can continue its installation of smart meters. that was the decision today by the california public utilities commission. regulators rejected the request by a coa litigation of businesses, homeowners, and other people, for further review of the devices. critics eye said pg&e didn't adequately demonstrate that smart meters didn't pose a health risk but state regulators say there is no indications the devices are dangerous. >> nasa makes a discovery but
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not millions of light years away, in fact it pretty close to the bay area. we're going to tell you why it is such a big deal. the secret to a long and happy marriage? well, why one of them may include deleting a few facebook friends. we're going to see the deletion of some sunshine here in the bay area, plenty of cloud cover and lots of rain. we'll talk about how this is going to affect your morning commute as "eyewitness news" continues right here on cbs5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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scientists say they've discovered an alien life form, bred . and don nasa calls it a major discovery in the search for extraterrestrials life. scientists say they have discovered an ale yen life form bread here on earth and don knapp reports it's not far from the bay area. >> i'd like to introduce to you today the bacteria gs a.j.-1. >> reporter: gsa-1 breaks the rules, at least the ones from biology. >> all life as we know it requires hydrogen, oxygen, sulfur and foss faith. we have found one who can substitute one for the other. >> reporter: how big a deal is this? it's a great big rewrite a few paragraphs in the text book
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deal. it comes from a viability who says he is always interested in it. her laboratory? >> mona lake is 3 times the salt of seawater, it's like bleach, and got very high levels of arsenic so it's teaming with life. so this seemingly inhospitable environment teams with life like amanda gay and brian shrimp and is a major stop for migratory birds. >> reporter: they watched the bacterium alter the very building blocks of life. >> arsenic would be substituting for phosphorus in the backbone of dna and you can see how critical this component of the dna might be. >> reporter: it could grow crops without phosphorus fertilizer or growing energy or which planets to visit. >> here is an element, arsenic, we thought was very toxic and boy, life can accommodate that. >> we need to know more about those types of things as we explore mars because it tells us which environments might host life even if it's a little
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different. >> reporter: they say they have cracked open a whole universe of opportunities. >> it's thinking about life in a context and. >> and apparently getting answers to questions that are shaking the foundations of science. we some of questions right now for roberta and our weekend weather. eh? >> even though we have had scattered rain showers this evening it did not dampen the spirits or the lighting of the oakland christmas tree. we're going to be sharing that with you because we had a lot of precipitation out there this evening, the bulk of the energy anywhere from the city of san francisco to the north, when you see the shades of yellow, that's a heavier downpour, more moderate rainfall. right now the city of san francisco, we're inundated with the precipitation all the way across the bay bridge heading into oakland. speaking of the east bay scattered showers from about walnut creek to the north. hercules, san pablo, there you have that moderate rain around richmond as well.
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the north bay picked up 2/10ths of an inch of rain. just a few raindrops worked its way into the oakland area where we had the official city lighting. lit ten. [ cheering and applause ] . >> ah. how nice is that. tomorrow morning, if you're out and about for the morning commute, carry that umbrella anywhere north of the golden gate bridge. there is a chance of lingering showers. this is a swath of energy lingering over the bay area all associated with this huge area of low pressure. we talked about that for the past three days, now it's finally making some movement as it sags and as it does so this is how we're painting your morning commute with that rain to the north of san francisco then playing tag with is a noma county all during the afternoon hours. some hit and miss scattered rain showers during the evening as well and the far reaches of the north bay. bottom line is the bulk of the day will be dry all the way into your saturday.
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your sierra forecast rain/snow mix tomorrow. then a break in the rain activity, starting off sunday, then turning into snow. so you want did change and some sloppy travel be prepared for it. low 50s to 60s, eh pe town, pleasanton, it's time for the hometown parade saturday. a chance of a shower. my best bet will be cloudy skies, 57 degrees as that parade steps off on main street. your extended forecast. we'll have the cloud cover on saturday with just that slim chance of a way ward rain dropped and we have a second wave that moves in on sunday afternoon to sunday evening providing rain showers. partly cloudy skies, lingering showers monday, more likely rain moves back into the bay area on tuesday through wednesday, a break by thursday. so you know what, we're not gonna see a whole lot of sun sets around the bay area for a while so we thank eric for
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sending in this one from bow niche a and we want to remind all of you to keep those photos coming to finally this front, we have been talking about it all week long, got kicked into the bay area, providing with 2/10ths of an inch of rain. >> good. we can always use that. >> we can. >> thanks roberta. facebook, its purpose is to bring people together, right? turns out it is also splitting up a lot of people. a recent survey found 1 in 5 divorces involves the social networking web site. attorneys say they have seen a huge spike in cases that use facebook messages as evidence of cheating. many of the cases involve people who got back in touch with old flames. some of the bay area's most colorful personalities lace up their skates, drag queen's on ice, when we come back.
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"eyewitness news" is brought to you by the tempest in select theaters september 10th. some of the bay area's most
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colorful personalities traded in their heels for skates tonight. they got in the holiday spirit for one of the theme nights of the safe way holiday ice rink in san francisco's union square. so get ready. drag queens on ice. warriors had a home? ey have a new >> we had a lot of fun getting this ready. to have dragon ice, we were hoping for good drags later. >> i saw the event, i was super excited. >> nice costumes. >> what do you think. >> very colorful. >> ladies and gentlemen, happy holidays, welcome to drag queens on ice. ♪[ music ] >> i wear a little extra padding just in case. >> so when it comes to drag queens ice skating there is no agenda, nothing else like that, but i hope we're all going to have a good time. >> very friendly, very colorful, part of san
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francisco. >> it's so brooklyn. >> i was going to say we have drag queens there too. >> and a condom. remember that 5-0 start the warriors had at home? they have a new streak. who says you can't go home again. just be ready for the reactions. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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"eyewitness news" is brought to you by bull oh va, designed to be noticed. you know they say you can never go home again, not even to, where, barstow. >> not even to barstow. >> whoa. i considered goin' back to khan, you know, gary and i made beautiful music together one time but i realize i could never go back. anyways it was not a good night for the stars to face their former teens. dany heatley was back in ottawa for the first time since demanding a trade. the newspaper, headline, suck it up princess. senator fans waited for two years to get back to heatley and get rid of his jerseys. all the booing didn't affect heatley and the sharks. heatley got the last laugh, so did the sharks. they win 4-0. scored
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just seven points... monta did his best to carry the load against the suns.. the hoop and the foul... 38-points and seven assists for monta... fourth quarter... suns up four... steve nash finds grant hill for the jumper... 16-assists f .. 38 points, 7 assists for monta ellis. fourth quarter, suns up by four. steve nash finds grant hill, 16 assists for steve nash. remember he went to santa clara many years ago. so did kurt rambis. the warriors could come right back down, they make it 95-892, but with over a minute to go the former warrior jason richardson, the dagger. suns win 101-94. four straight losses now at home for the golden state warriors the other star that went home tonight was lebron james. security was tightened, water balloons were con fist days
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kateed. >> at 6'8", number 6, lebron james. >> that's it. all that added security for a couple of boos. nothing more than boos and a few akron hates you chants for the king of ohio. it didn't phase him. he scored 38 points. >> in the off-season you kind of said you were taking mental notes with everybody taking shots at you so were there grudges that you hold. >> no. >> explain that, how you -- >> it wasn't on my list. >> fans weren't on your list? >> cavs fans weren't on my list. >> how big was the list? >> cavs fans wasn't on my list. you might be on my list. placed him on in >> okay. the fans escape. raider quarterback bruce gradkowski's see on is over after they placed him on injured reserve, former niner j.t. o'sullivan. meg el tejada back in the bay area. he signed a 1-year deal with
11:30 pm
the giants after spending years on losing teams. is a had a is make looking forward to making his first shot at a title. >> i said to my wife, if i go to san francisco, you are probably not going to see me in the house here. i'll be in san francisco. >> good for him. at number 5, tiger woods must be dating because his game is back on top of the leader board. this is the only shot didn't go his way in the opening round of the chevron challenge. his best of the year with a 7- under 65. number 4, thursday night football, michael vick throws for over 300 yards, two touchdowns, they beat the texans. francesco caputo scores the goal. instead of celebrating he punched his teammate in the face. you believe that? >> alex zendejas had two extra
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points blocked including one in overtime against arizona state. they win 30-29 to become bowl eligible. at number 1, children don't try this at home. the indian martial arts sport looks more like twister on a poll. a couple of places on broadway this might be a good idea. actually it's for congress because there is so much wind. >> that was special. thank you. >> yeah. well, actually, it is a sport and it is used by a lot of blind kids in india because it's -- they feel their way through the pole instead of having to use visual so it's a good exercise. >> they are very athletic, very strong. >> but they talk with really high voices. >> yeah, well if they miss, that's possible, yes. thank you for that roberta. >> now we know what to get you for christmas. >> i aye aye ,,
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when you don't have to cook, you have time for other things. yeah, like what? i don't know. fishing. [ clears throat ] oh. ha. ha. [ female announcer ] when we do the cooking, you do the enjoying. safeway. ingredients for life. michael j. fox and shaun white. >> before we go, one more check of the weather because it's going to rain. >> it's going to rain but a confusing forecast. tomorrow the bulk of the day will


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